"Switch Mode Power History"

.......Magnetic Amplifier Converter.......
This project involved the design of an analog integrated circuit as part of a larger switched mode power system containing at its heart, a magnetic amplifier. The Monolithic Engineering team designed this $0.07, bipolar only controller in just 1 month. Responsibilities included, project management, cost analysis, circuit design, IC design, Protel PCB layout & design, and bench level test of the larger power system. Highlights included the design of a sense amplifier, error amplifier, 0.5% bandgap reference, and open loop stability analysis. A magnetic amplifier converter regulates output by shifting phase into controlled saturation around the B-H curve, eliminating large switching semiconductors and cost. Stability however, is of critical concern. Process peculiarities and the limitations of the Goummel-Poon SPICE bipolar transistor model, were overcome via tool development (ie. simulated segmentation), all while maintaining ISO-9001 standards.

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